Our Aim

We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment to Vulnerable Children and Young People, with the aim to prepare them for a fulfilled, Independent and productive life in their Communities.

Our Mission


It is extremely important to Good 2 Go care services that young people have the best possible start to life, therefore as a Leaving Care Service we have a number of values and aims to help young people have a happy and successful life.
We aim to be honest and open and to deliver a service that will enable young people to succeed and grow within society. Good 2 Go believes in equal opportunities in everything we do and will not unfairly discriminate against anyone.
We accept all young people for who they are and will help and support them to achieve their aims and goals in life. We aim to do this with understanding, respect and commitment without judging.
We are committed to proper preparation and care planning. Every young person receiving a service has a plan that accurately reflects how their short, medium and long-term needs will be met. Our aim is that all our young people are sufficiently prepared for adult life whilst under the care of Good 2 Go.
Good 2 Go takes into account ‘parallel planning’ for asylum seekers who have not been given indefinite leave to remain, so that they are given the opportunity to prepare for remaining in the UK or for returning to their country of origin if their asylum application is refused.

Our Values


We believe that every person is different but equal, and that everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged.


Our hope for a better future for all young people is the source of our inspiration.


We all need encouragement at some time in life. Good 2 Go’s  aims to create opportunities for people to make the most of their abilities.


The commitment of our staff making the best use of all our resources enables us to help young people and their families.

What our young people say


We recently asked young people how they would describe Good 2 Go to other young people and they said


Good 2 Go means a big family that’s always there for you, no matter what. After coming to Good 2 Go, I feel that everyone’s around me, always trying to help and it just makes me feel like I’m never alone and that I’m just as important as everyone else in the world. It makes me feel equal to everybody, even though I’ve had a bad past I feel like I’ve got a positive future.


I get really good support from all staff. I can talk to them when I am feeling down and they have helped me a lot. Everything has changed because of them and the self-harming seems stupid now. I have my own living space which I’m learning to live with other people, getting to know people different from me and the chance to do activities like eating out at restaurants and going to see “ Arsenal live at the emirates”. I have also built up the courage to talk more in meetings and improve my English.


Good 2 Go is a honest and safe environment to be in.” “It’s a good organisation, they help you with anything you need help with from school issues to personal issues they are always there for you .I’m more self-sufficient, a lot happier than I was previously. They gave me the opportunity to make mistakes and still learn from them which has helped me gain my independence.