Our Services

We provide safe Accommodation and support to Young People in an environment which actively promotes personal growth & development.

What are the services main aims?

  • Provide young people with the opportunity of a positive residential experience and educational support in order to gain the skills knowledge and attitudes needed to live outside the institutional care system.
  • Create a living experience where they can build both relationships and personal resources in order to gain the skills, knowledge and including confidence, trust, respect and the ability to care for themselves and others in non oppressive ways as a means overcoming the life adversities they have faced already
  • Provide each young person with a safe and positive experience of group living.
  • Maintain and/or develop contact between the young person, their family, friends and cultural networks.
  • Provide an environment which actively promotes personal growth & development, honestly challenging unacceptable attitudes and/or behaviour.
  • Ensure that appropriate levels of support are available to all young people as they move on from the unit to their own accommodation.
  • Training programme which will provide them the necessary skills & confidence.
  • Ongoing support from the project senior practitioner & other carers.
  • A weekly allowance & equipment costs.
  • The chance to meet new people.
  • Further opportunities for training & development.


GOOD2GO Care Services provides a high quality shared supported units in the Harlow area for young people between the ages of 16-18 years old who are referred to us by local authorities.

The units are designed to accommodate the more mature young person. We here at GOOD2GO ensure that all young people referred to us receive a comprehensive:


  • Review/ Monthly Report
  • Keywork sessions
  • Missing / Unauthorised Absence report
  • Monthly Health report
  • Independent Training Programme
  • Access to internet Education & Training


There are a variety of accommodation options available. Good2Go deliver a planned route of transition from shared facilities with intense support, progressing to stand-alone flats with minimal floating support.  The primary focus with all placements is to enable young people to develop the confidence to make the transition from being looked after to independent living.

All accommodation will be monitored to ensure that they deliver an individually tailored support programme that incorporates independent living skills. Some young people refer to leaving care as ‘the instant expectation of adulthood’. They are suddenly expected to know how to cook their own meals, run home and manage their finances, all in one go and without any support.

Therefore, living in a Good2Go before leaving care can be hugely beneficial. We provide safe, comfortable homes for care leavers, unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people children, where they can learn the essential life skills they will need when they transition to independent living



To promote community safety, promote social inclusion and to contribute towards a reduction in youth crime, anti-social behaviour and young people’s harmful substance misuse (including alcohol) by working positively and in partnership with young people, victims and communities in a programme of change founded on the principles of restorative justice and promotion of alternative healthy lifestyles through:

Education Support Services would have the potential of gaining added value through our Mentoring Service.

  • Supervision & Guidance
  • Skills Training
  • Career or culture opportunities
  • Knowledge of values
  • Sense of self-worth
  • Goals
  • Hope for the future
  • Positive role model.

Escorting Services

GOOD2GO Care Services are able to assist on a wide range of transport and escort services for those young people who may require our assistant. We will ensure that the young person in question attends his/hers official appointment and any meetings scheduled by the referring social worker

What are the service outcomes?


The service focuses on the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes i.e. staying safe, enjoying and achieving, economic wellbeing, making a positive contribution and being healthy. We are developing detailed outcome objectives for the young people who use our services. By the time young people move on from 16+ we envisage that they will have achieved the following general outcomes, at least in part.


• Able to better understand their past and how it affects the present and the future.

• Have an increased awareness by of how their behaviour impacts on themselves and others, and what the costs and benefits are of behaving in certain ways.

• Have acquired the personal resources and skills needed to overcome the detrimental effects of past behaviours.